Scope Cabinets



  • Fully welded construction
  • Glass hinged doors with louvered vents
  • Scope hangers
  • Lower rack to keep scopes aligned
  • Removable drain pan
  • Padded back wall to prevent damage


  • Power vent (includes ventilation fan,
    digital time switch, and HEPA filter)
  • Sloped top (adds 6″ to total height)

Standard Models

Model #Overall Dimensions# of Scope Hangers
IC18369218" D x 36" W x 92" H9 or 18
IC18429218" D x 42" W x 92" H11 or 22

Note: Additional sizes available for specific requirements. Please contact us for further assistance.

Note: Model # will change based on features added.

Price Request for Scope Cabinets