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Standard FeaturesPT1001PTF1000
750 lb. weight capacity
Retractable center fifth wheel
Height adjustment range: 22"-35" (bottom of mattress)
Ergonomically located oxygen tank holder
8" Tente casters (1 directional & 3 swiveling)
8" Tente casters (4 swiveling)
6 brake/steer pedals
Dual pedestal lift mechanism
Lift/Trendelenburg pedals on both sides
Trendelenburg & reverse Trendelenburg +/- 18°
Dual Fowler lift assist on raised back rest with 90º adjustability
Fold forward side rails with built in push handles
29" or 31" bed width
4" comfort mattress
2 hook removable telescopic IV pole
6 IV pole sockets available
Large storage area underneath for patient belongings
Perimeter bumper to protect your walls and fixtures
4 restraint belt locations
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Optional FeaturesPT1001PTF1000
5th wheel add-on kit
Fold down push handles
Knee gatch
Paper roll dispenser kit*
Detachable foot board*
Envelope style rail bumper pads*
PT1001 Features & Specs »PTF1000 Features & Specs »

* Additional lead time required (7-10 business days)
Note: Model # will change based on features added