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    New! 5th Wheel Eye Stretcher

    The new PTF2000-EYE fifth wheel eye stretcher offers the best blend of features, value, ergonomics, and customer support in the industry. The retractable fifth wheel mobility allows for increased control, ease of use, and safety. In addition, the dual articulating head attachment allows for optimal head clearance and surgeon access.

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  • Blanket & Fluid Warming Cabinets

    We can help your facility safely and effectively maximize its warming cabinet needs by utilizing products such as our D-Series (Data Logging) and TS-Series (Touch Screen) Blanket & Fluid Warming Cabinets. Both series require no additional software and provide the perfect blend of technology, value, and customer support in the industry. Standard and custom sizes are available.

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  • Infrared Soap Dispenser

    Available for use with our SS-Series Surgical Scrub Sinks as an optional feature, the automatic infrared-triggered design allows for convenient touch free use, helping to eliminate the spread of germs and contamination.

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  • PTF-1000 Transport Stretcher

    5th Wheel Transport Stretcher

    The PTF-1000 offers the best blend of features, value, ergonomics, and customer support in the industry. The retractable fifth wheel combines effortless directional movement and cornering with 4 swiveling wheels for ease of use, control, and safety.

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  • Vertical Handle Case Carts

    MAC Medical, Inc. introduces our new ergonomically friendly Vertical Handle Case Carts. Located on all four corners, the vertical handles provide more comfort and efficiency for easy steering and cart control in tight spots.

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